With over 200+ performance indicators we’ve got it all covered for you


Analytics that help to predict your performance

Every social media management platform or tool wil provide you with lots of analytics. Mainly to interpret what you did in the past. We use the past to provide you with predictions about the effectiveness of your post or tweet. How it will perform, what the best time is to publish, what will the lifecycle of the message look like. This will help you improve the performance of your content and thus your brand and business.


Compare projects

A project is a powerful container where you can collect all data concerning your online interactions, structured in any way you like. Publishing messages to your channels can only be done from one of these projects. By doing so, you will collect all data from one project in one overview. Projects can be created for a broadcast, a product or even for a period of time for example.


Social Media Demographics

Media Injection provides information about the interaction and interests of your fan base. In addition you can view demographic information such as age and gender categorized in a clear overview.

Context Analysis

Analyzing raw data is a great start, but we bring social media performance to the next level by automatically analyzing the context and success factors, with over 200 performance indicators.

Sentiment Analysis

These statistics give you an indication of the sentiment in your fan base. By clicking the red, grey or green dot you label a message. After 40 to 60 manually labelled messages, they will be automatically marked.

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Conversion Tracker

Keep insight in conversions and leads from your social networks. Which campaigns and content generate the most revenue? Media Injection will map it out for you.


With Media Injection you can easily configure reports. Define what you want to receive and we will ensure you will get it, ready-to-use in your mailbox.

Top Influencers

Here you will find an overview of your top fans and influencers. Those who are a real ambassador for your brand will show up in the analytics dashboard.


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