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Ways to Reduce Electronic Security Risks for your Business

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There are many issues that businesses around the world have to overcome in the most efficient way possible in order to optimise their operational efficiency. However, some things cannot be compromised on: safety and security. This blog will discuss the measures that companies can take in order to ensure the quality of their online security systems both internally and externally.

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Introducing Media Injection’s Latest Feature Updates

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It’s time yet again for another round of updates and upgrades to our system! As the team at Media Injection strives to continue improving its quality of service, they have worked tirelessly in order to offer you the best social media management platform out there. Let’s run through some of the latest changes that we have just implemented onto our platform.

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Instagram Reveals How Its Algorithm Works

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In July 2016, Instagram rolled out a new algorithm-driven feed, replacing the popular reverse chronological feed to the surprise and dismay of many users. Although most users have now adapted and gotten used to this new format, the explanation behind how this algorithm actually works has only just been revealed.

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Improving Engagement Through Community Management

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The rise of social media marketing has paved the way for something that allows businesses to successfully monitor and engage with their online followers and customer base: community management. The terms social media management and community management go hand in hand together, as they help each other grow and strengthen a brand’s relationship with its customers. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that community management can offer to companies around the world.

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