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How Media Injection fights cancer

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How Media Injection fights cancer

‘Quitting is not an option’. In June, the popular Alpe d’HuZes charity event took place in France, in which participants raise as much funds as possible to contribute to the fight against cancer. Whether it be running, walking or cycling up the French Alpe D’Huez, quitting is not an option. People are raising money by doing something challenging – what’s more challenging than going up a mountain? The aim is go beyond your limits, to turn the frustration caused by cancer into strength.

We are inspired by this unconditional enthusiasm and are a proud sponsor of this foundation. Our Customer Success Manager, Robin, travelled all the way to France to experience the event first hand and support the foundation’s social media team as the team leader. What were Robin’s experiences, how could Media Injection helps the foundation and what are her learnings?

Read all about it in the interview we did with Robin.

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The Battle of Stories

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Back in the days 

Remember the days when Snapchat’s My Story – a collection of vertical photos and videos from the last 24 hours – used to be special? Well, those times are over. Snapchat is being followed with its innovative storytelling not only by WhatsApp Status and Instagram Stories but also by Facebook via Messenger day. Read More


How your likes influence your News Feed

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Facebook’s goal with News Feed is to show everyone the right content at the right time. That way, you can be sure to stay in touch with the stories that are important to you. Some posts, for instance those created when you and friends are watching the same sports game, are only timely and interesting at that specific moment. Posts that are more than two days old, but linger in your News Feed may not be relevant to you anymore. With these considerations in mind, Facebook had improved its News Feed. Read More

Pinterest Social Media

Images speak louder than words

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Social media regularly feature neatly designed images, with facts and figures on a range of topics. These ‘infographics’ invite reading and sharing – just what a social media manager wants! Many companies now decide to communicate facts and figures through images, because they speak louder than words. People are visually sensitive, and find images more appealing than long pieces of text. So, what is an infographic, and how can you make your own? Read on to learn how you can, and why you should.

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New Streams Dashboard

7 Improvements in our streams

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Here they are: our new Streams. We aimed to combine maximally user-friendly functionality with lean and smooth design. That was just the job for our front-end development team, with their expertise in User Interface and User Experience Design and their affinity with flat design. Read More


The (incredible) power of social media

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Radio 538 posted a report on their Facebook page on Thursday June 19th 2014 at 09:48 hours.  Below you can see what can be achieved by a posting:  almost 3 million views, many reactions (see all of these on their Facebook page Radio 538) plus 600,000 clicks!  In other words, 1 in 5 people who saw this report on their timeline clicked on the link provided by Radio 538 in their posting.  And all this within 10 hours of the posting….. Read More


Bugaboo: sincere engagement with cotton candy and popcorn

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Bugaboo is sometimes seen as the Rolls Royce among strollers. This Dutch company has grown to be a world-wide player, with its supporting role in Sex and the City as its breakthrough on the international market. Bugaboo has not just grown in street presence: on social media, the company has matured as well. How did Bugaboo do this? In an interview, Martijn Ros, digital marketing manager, Lokke van der Wal, digital marketeer at Bugaboo, and I have analysed the brand’s social media strategy and its results. Read on to find out what paid media did for Bugaboo, and how Bugaboo sees its online future. Read More