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Instagram Reveals How Its Algorithm Works

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In July 2016, Instagram rolled out a new algorithm-driven feed, replacing the popular reverse chronological feed to the surprise and dismay of many users. Although most users have now adapted and gotten used to this new format, the explanation behind how this algorithm actually works has only just been revealed.

Revealing How The Algorithm Works

So it’s been almost two years since Instagram implemented the switch from a reverse chronological order for its Feed to a newer machine-learning algorithmic software. But what exactly has changed and how did it alter people’s experience on the social media platform?

Well, in order to clarify the clouds of uncertainty surrounding the manner in which Instagram prioritises which posts get seen by users, the Facebook-owned platform organised an information session in San Francisco, California. This managed to clear up some of the confusion amongst Instagram’s loyal users by offering an insight into how the algorithmically driven feed works.

Rather than seeing the newest posts in a reverse-chronological timeline, Instagram now displays content and posts that it thinks you want to see, based on your previous behaviour i.e. likes, comments etc. So, for instance, if you have a history of liking or commenting on football related posts, this type of content will be more likely to appear on the Feed the next time you log into Instagram.

The way Instagram is displaying content nowadays may not be news to you, however revealing insights on how this algorithm works is new. It’s been revealed that there are three main factors which will determine what Instagram users get to see on their Feeds:

  • Interest: As has already been mentioned, Instagram will present you with content that its algorithmic Feed predicts you will enjoy or care about. This information is based on a user’s previous behaviour and history.
  • Recency: This is all about the content was posted. Although it is no longer a chronological feed, it will still prioritise more recent posts over weeks or months old posts.
  • Relationship: This depends on how close you are to the person or account that posted the content. This works on a ranking system, depending on how much you have engaged with them on Instagram i.e. likes, shares, comments.

Julian Gutman, the product lead for the Instagram Feed, also dispelled the notion that Instagram’s algorithmic Feed generally favours videos over photos. However, it may prioritise videos for your feed should your online behaviour indicate that you prefer watching videos and spend more time watching videos than looking at images and vice versa.

Besides these three main elements, there are three more additional supporting factors that can influence the ranking of the way you see certain posts:

  • Frequency: If you are a frequent user of the app, Instagram will refresh your Feed on a more frequent basis. This means that new content will constantly be appearing on your Feed, depending on how often you visit the platform.
  • Following: If you follow a large number of accounts on Instagram, it also means that Instagram has way more accounts to choose from in terms of showing you their content on your Feed. Consequently, Instagram will try to keep changing up the feeds of users that follow more accounts than others.
  • Usage: Here, we determine how time you actually spend on the app. Users that only spend a couple of minutes per visit, will be presented with the most relevant content possible, in order to make sure those few minutes are as satisfactory and effective as need be. People who spend long periods of time at once on the app will have a larger variety of posts and content at their disposal.

According to experts, the reasoning behind these algorithmic calculations is that it is in Instagram’s best interest to show engaging and relevant content to its users, as it will encourage them to spend more time on the platform, meaning they will be exposed to more ads, thus increasing Instagram’s revenue. This also plays to the companies’ advantage who are advertising their products or services on the platform.

The following statistics that were revealed back up these claims:

  • Before switching to algorithmic feeds, on average, Instagram users would never see over 70% of all posts by accounts that they followed.
  • They used to also miss out on over 50% of their friends’ posted content in the Feed.
  • Due to an increase in relevancy in the Feed, users are now seeing over 90% of their friends’ posts, whilst spending a significantly higher amount of time on the app.

Despite all this, some traditional Instagram users remain unhappy. They demand to at least have the option of reverting back to the previous reverse chronological Feed. However, Instagram has made it clear that it has no such plans in mind. Considering the statistics they have revealed, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

What do you make of all of this? Do you like this algorithmically driven feed or do you miss the old school chronological Feed that Instagram used to offer? One thing is for sure, in general, sharing on Instagram is on the increase and people are spending more time on it than ever before. That means Instagram should be an indispensable part of your social media strategy. Want to hear about this from our team of experts? Sign up for our free trial and reap the rewards!

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Media Injection Voted Best Social Software 2018 in Emerce 100

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Today, Emerce published the list of the Top 100 businesses in e-commerce. We are proud and delighted to announce that Media Injection is again part of this list, emerging with one of the best social software rankings in the Netherlands.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 09.54.48

Media Injection scored an impressive 4.5 stars, retaining our name as one of the most reliable social media management solutions in the Netherlands. Seeing our name on this elusive list motivates us to keep working tirelessly in order to offer you the best services that our customers require. Great credit goes out to our clients and partners as well, we simply wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Thank you.

Check out the full list of Emerce 100 rankings here.

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Recap Of F8 News and Announcements: Day 2

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The second half of the Facebook Developers Conference kicked off with a keynote speech by CTO Mike Schroepfer. After a thrillingly exciting first day at the F8, where numerous updates and new features were announced for our beloved social media platforms, day two’s attention shifted towards the topics of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and connectivity. Let’s go through some of yesterday’s major highlights and developments that were shared by our Developers, live from San Jose.

MI BLOG of Day 1 F8 Blog

Recap Of F8 News and Announcements: Day 1

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Finally, the long anticipated F8 Conference in San Jose, California kicked off yesterday and there have already been some very interesting and exciting announcements! We have two of our best men there representing Media Injection & The Next Ad, and on top of receiving free Oculus Go headsets, they were delighted to share some of the things they learned there with us! Here’s a recap of yesterday’s main highlights, stay tuned for more news and announcements tomorrow! 


How Media Injection fights cancer

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How Media Injection fights cancer

‘Quitting is not an option’. In June, the popular Alpe d’HuZes charity event took place in France, in which participants raise as much funds as possible to contribute to the fight against cancer. Whether it be running, walking or cycling up the French Alpe D’Huez, quitting is not an option. People are raising money by doing something challenging – what’s more challenging than going up a mountain? The aim is go beyond your limits, to turn the frustration caused by cancer into strength.

We are inspired by this unconditional enthusiasm and are a proud sponsor of this foundation. Our Customer Success Manager, Robin, travelled all the way to France to experience the event first hand and support the foundation’s social media team as the team leader. What were Robin’s experiences, how could Media Injection helps the foundation and what are her learnings?

Read all about it in the interview we did with Robin.

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Facebook News Feed

Time to be authentic on Facebook News Feed

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Facebook News Feed: Time to be authentic 

When you’re busy with managing your online campaigns, you’ve probably missed the latest updates by Facebook. The time of catchy links leading to low-quality websites is now officially over. Facebook announced that it will no longer support ads on Facebook News Feed that contain little substantive content and is covered in ‘disruptive, shocking or malicious ads’. This means clickbait headlines, adult ads, eye-catching but inappropriate ads or pop-up ads will no longer be supported in the News Feed.

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Raising brand awareness for a good cause

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We are proud to be an official sponsor of the Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds. We wholeheartedly believe in the charity’s mission: making it possible for parents to stay close to their suffering children. Therefore we’re happy that we are sponsoring this non-profit organisation.

The Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds has been actively supporting families to be close to their sick children for over 32 years. Part of this mission are the fifteen Ronald McDonald Houses for parents and siblings of sick children located nearby hospitals, nine Ronald McDonald Family Rooms in hospitals, four specially adapted holiday homes and a unique sport centre for handicapped children – all located in the Netherlands. Read More

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Media Injection is voted as the best social media management software of the Netherlands in the Emerce 100

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Today, Emerce published the list of the Top 100 businesses in e-commerce. We are happy to announce that Media Injection is – again – part of the list and belongs to the best social media management software in the Netherlands.

Social software emerce 100

“The Emerce Top 100 is a recognition for our hard work on keeping our platform consistent, yet innovative and trustable to work with. We wouldn’t be on this list without our loyal customers. Being part of the Top 100 e-businesses gives us the extra push to keep up the good work and innovating our platform to make it the best.” – Achmed Awad, CEO, Media Injection

Check out the full list of Emerce Top 100 here.


Media Injection eerste Nederlandse partij met officiële Facebook Marketing Partner badge voor Community Management

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Innovatie, stabiliteit en prestaties beloond met badge voor Community Management

Het complete social media management platform van Media Injection heeft nu een officieel erkende Facebook Marketing Partner badge voor de specialiteit Community Management. Media Injection is hiermee de eerste Nederlandse partij in de Benelux op het gebied van social media management met een officiële Partner samenwerking met Facebook.

Facebook beloont zijn meest gewaardeerde Partners met een badge om duidelijk te maken welke partijen voldoen aan hun strenge eisen. Als eerste Nederlandse partij kan Media Injection dus met volle overtuiging zeggen dat zij nu een gewaardeerde Partner zijn van Facebook.

Een officiële Facebook Marketing Partner heeft verschillende voordelen. Zo is Media Injection als eerste op de hoogte van nieuwe ontwikkelingen in en rondom het Facebook netwerk, hebben zij toegang tot exclusieve features en staan zij in direct contact met Facebook en zijn ondersteuning. Read More