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RTL and the 4 benefits of a branded URL shortener

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So you’ve found a blog or link, and now you want to share with all your followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. Updates on social media, such as Twitter, should be short and sweet, which is why the use of URL shorteners has increased dramatically over the last few years. The most popular URL shortener is, which shows in numerous social media posts that include URLs as ‘’ . has become a brand of its own, but what is it? How do you use it, what are its benefits? And why do marketeers use or short URLs anyway?

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New content calender

Meet your new content calendar

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From the very beginning of our platform, the content calendar has been the central point in publishing messages. Over time the amount of new networks increased, more and more messages had to be published and scheduled and the amount of different projects that are being used also increased. So the content calendar became more and more important. Read More


Conversation dashboard: Meet our splash screen

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Dare to share

Organisations are starting to realise that their social media actions, for instance campaigns and web care services, are no longer to be kept hidden within just a social media team or department. The performances and obtained results, whether it be positive or negative, have to be shared with colleagues and other stakeholders. By providing transparency and insights into the corporates  own performance, it can create involvement and let people now what’s really going on within the social media landscape.

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