Engagement Optimisation Through Media Injection

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Last week, we discussed how our publishing tools allow users to easily post content on various social channels through one, all-inclusive platform: Media Injection. Entering its second year as a Facebook Marketing Partner in Community Management, Media Injection has a lot more to offer than helping you scheduling and publishing content. We believe engaging with your followers and fans is crucial to building a strong brand image, whilst being responsive is key to increasing the trustworthiness and reliability of your brand.


Media Injection’s Main Dashboard consists of many possible widgets such as Incoming Messages, Project Messages, Public Messages, Lists, Social Results etc. You can decide which of these you want to appear on your Home Dashboard by pressing on the ‘+’ sign on the bottom right of your screen. You can also move the widgets around in addition to being able to enlarge them or make them look smaller. It’s your Home Dashboard, it’s up to you!

Conversation Dashboard

Media Injection’s Conversation Dashboard enables users to spot every single incoming message or mention on social media without exception. In turns, this helps users reduce significant amounts of time waste which used to be spent on monitoring every single message received on social media individually. Use the Conversation Dashboard to directly engage with your followers. By using a mouse to hover over a message, options will appear that allows you to like, retweet, favourite or reply directly from this dashboard!

Conversation History

Once you decide to reply to a comment that has been aimed at you, the conversation history you have with a follower or fan will appear. This will not only greatly improve your workflow, but it’ll also give you an insight into all the messages that have previously between your brand and a fan or follower, saving you the unnecessary time waste of asking questions that have already been answered in the past.

Message Sentiment

You can adjust every messages’ sentiment in the streams in the Conversation Dashboard by clicking on the red, grey or green circle. By manually setting the sentiment of a message, you’ll be given a simple visual presentation of how the previous conversation with a follower or fan went. After manually labelling between 40 to 60 messages, they will be automatically marked with a certain sentiment.

Workflow Management

Are you unable to reply to a certain message you’ve received? We’ve built in the option to assign a message to a colleague in order to help you out during times of need. Once a message has been assigned, only the person who has been assigned to this message will be able to reply or close the task. Meanwhile, all other messages from that specific fan/follower will be blocked for other users, so no answers can be submitted twice.


You can also label all of your messages in the Dashboard as well as filter on specific labels.  Additionally, labels can be used to help you identify messages that belong to a certain campaign. By doing this you’ll be able to easily identify feedback, questions, information, compliments, complaints or any other type of engagement per campaign.

Your Turn

Don’t miss out on optimising your engagement with your customers and fans! Interested in trying out a Media Injection demo? Get in touch and we’ll make it happen in no time!