Engage with your audience

Conversation Manager

In the conversation dashboard you are able to engage with your followers directly. By hovering over a message with your mouse you‘ll see some options appear. You will be able to like, favorite, retweet, or reply directly from the stream.

Conversation History

The conversation history of a follower or fan will appear when you click reply. This improves the workflow greatly. The conversation history will give you an insight in all the conversations you previously have had with this fan or follower. It will also show you all the messages this fan/follower has send to you.

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You can adjust every messages’ sentiment in the streams in the Home Dashboard by clicking the red, grey or green dot. By adjusting the sentiment of a message manually, you can learn the sentiment to adjust to your crowd/fanbase/brand. After having manually labelled 40 to 60 messages, they will be automatically marked with a certain sentiment.

Workflow management

When you are not able  to reply to a message, we’ve build in the option to assign a message to a colleague. Once a message has been assigned, only the person who has been assigned to this message is able to reply or close the task. Also all other messages from the fan/follower will be blocked for other users, so no double answers can be given.


You can label all your messages in the platform and also filter on labels.  Labels can also be used to identify messages that belong to a campaign. By doing this you can identify feedback, questions, information, compliments, complaints or other categories per campaign. You can create your own labels per campaign to optimize the way you prefer.


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