Facebook launching Domain Verification for Link Editing

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Facebook launching Domain Verification for Link Editing

Since a few months, it has been made difficult to edit your metadata when publishing link posts. This was due to Facebook’s fight against fake news and publishers misusing the platform. From now on, you can easily edit your posts with Facebook’s new Domain Verification option.

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As you probably remember, Facebook has taken some measures to combat fake news as well as clickbait and inappropriate posts. This has made it pretty difficult to edit the metadata of link posts (think of title, images and description).

It didn’t take long for Facebook to realise that it is vital for publishers to be able to edit their metadata and customise their link posts. That’s why it introduced the Link Ownership Tool.

However, when you check your Facebook again, you will see that this Link Ownership Tool has been removed. But don’t worry, Facebook gives you a new option via its new Domain Verification.

Recap of the editing links problem

Facebook made it impossible for Facebook page publishers to edit their link thumbnails, titles and descriptions.

Facebook initiated this to prevent publishers from changing the meta image, title and description to mislead their readers. Considering the rise of fake news and clickbait it makes sense for Facebook to do something about it.

But what about publishers that were not misusing the platform and just wanted to make slight adjustments?

What if the image was the wrong dimension, if there was a mistake in the description or the text seemed too long. And what if publishers actually owned the content?

Introducing Domain Verification

That’s when Domain Verification comes in. Facebook recently created this new tool to allow content owners to edit their metadata when publishing content on Facebook.

Follow the steps below to get one step closer to verify your domain and thus edit your link posts:

First, go to ‘People and Assets’ at the Business Manager and you will see the option ‘Domains’.

business settings

Click on it to add new domains. Once you enter your domain click on ‘Add Domain’.

add domain

You will then have to add a DNS TXT record or upload an HTML file. Don’t worry, Facebook provides specific steps and talks you through it.

Assign Pages

If you want your Page to get editing privileges you need to assign your page(s) to a verified domain.

All you got to do is click the ‘Assign Pages’ button within Domain Verification and choose the Page you want to add.

In case you can’t find your Page, you need to add it to your Business Manager first. Go to Business Manager, select ‘Pages’ under ‘People and Assets’ and click ‘Add new Pages’.

add new pages

Now it’s your turn

Go ahead and follow those simple steps. It’s time again to easily edit your link previews.

Do you want to dig deeper into the topic of Domain Verification? Check out Facebook’s official link.

Happy editing!

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