Media Injection and Talpa Media Partner Up For House of Talent

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Dutch TV channel SBS6, run from the Talpa TV Network, has recently started broadcasting a brand new reality tv show called ‘House of Talent.’ In this program, 8 talented and promising artists compete against each other as they attempt to successfully launch their musical and singing careers. All contestants will be living together in a mansion as the cameras monitor their progress and day-to-day activities. Every six weeks, one contestant will be eliminated and replaced with a newcomer. But how does the points system work and where does Media Injection come into play?

Points System Explained

All contestants will be ranked in two different charts: The Money Chart and The Social Media Chart. Both charts will be updated on a weekly basis, before being reset once every 6 weeks.

Firstly, let’s begin with the easiest one, The Money Chart.

As soon as the artists release their first song or ‘single’ their songs will be made available for online downloading and streaming. They will also be made available for bookings from the public where they may be asked to perform for an event. The Money Chart keeps track of every penny that is generated through their success and ranks them accordingly in the standings. The singer that brings in the highest revenue will sit at the top of the table, whereas the artists that receive the least amount of money will be stuck at the bottom of the scoring system. The Money Chart will reset and start from scratch every six weeks after the start of a new cycle and the release of artists’ new singles.

Next up we have The Social Media Chart!

This is a real-time graph that calculates the impact and social engagement of all contestants, based on their performances across 4 platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The artist that receives the strongest social engagement will be placed on top, whereas the one that gets little to no social interaction will linger at the foot of the table in 8th place.

This is where Media Injection comes into play!

After completing a set of rigorous, meticulous calculations and research, Media Injection managed to serve up the perfect formula which allows the contestants’ social media data to be managed, analysed, controlled and put in the right order. The following factors will be taken into account during the points calculation (with their weighted percentage):

  • Number of Followers (30%)
  • Views (20%)
  • Likes (5%)
  • Shares (30%)
  • Comments (15%)

Here’s what the elusive formula looks like:

Contestant’s Social Media Score = ((((5% of Likes) + (15% of Comments + (30% of Shares) / Active Followers)*30) + ((Active Followers / Total Number of Followers)*20) + (((20% of Views / Total Number of Followers)*10)) / Total Weekly Score *100.

This data is then visualised for all viewers with the league standing, which will be published on The House of Talent website and social channels on a weekly basis.

Media Injection and House of Talent are, of course, aware that engagement has become something that can be paid for, with Pages purchasing Likes and Followers on a routine basis. Therefore, with the help of the personalised Dashboard that Media Injection has created for The House of Talent, the scorings can be monitored 24/7 and any suspicious behaviour or activity will be easily noticeable, allowing the necessary steps to be taken in order to stop any foul play.

Media Injection has created an entirely personalised and interactive Dashboard for Talpa, which they can use to monitor the live changes in the rankings on a 24/7 basis. This specific Dashboard is created exclusively for Talpa Media and will not be made viewable to the rest of the public.

Furthermore, our CEO, Achmed Awad, will be invited onto the show once every 6 weeks in order to reveal The Social Media Chart standings during the airing of the House of Talent episode. The contestants at the bottom of each chart will have to battle it out in order to avoid being eliminated from the show. Watch this space!

“We’re super excited to be working with Talpa Media on such an innovating, yet challenging concept that’s never been done before. We’re really glad to see the power of social media taking a front seat as a way to measure contestants’ performances on the show. In this day and age, we think it’s only fitting that social media becomes an important way for our viewers to demonstrate their support for their favourite artists.” Robin Mai Schroot, Customer Success Manager at Media Injection.

We’re really enjoying watching The House of Talent and as the show progresses, it can only get better! Are you up to date with the latest episodes? Who’s your favourite personality on the show? Who do you think will win The Money Chart and The Social Media Chart? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so let us know!