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From the very beginning of our platform, the content calendar has been the central point in publishing messages. Over time the amount of new networks increased, more and more messages had to be published and scheduled and the amount of different projects that are being used also increased. So the content calendar became more and more important.

Therefore we have been working hard on this new feature to make it the greatest pleasure to work with. We included feedback and requests from our clients in this design. So now it is time to meet your new content calendar. We hope you like it as much as we do!

The new content calendar at a glance: what did we improve?

A big change in the new content calendar: you have an overview of all your projects in one calendar at once. You can easily create an overview of all the messages you have scheduled, drafted or send. So checking the scheduled messages and drafts per project is history. Of course there still is the option to zoom into one or more projects if you prefer.

Content Calendar - Monthly overview + Projects

Weekly overview

Messages are shown on a weekly basis. This way you will have a practical overview in what will be published this week per project in detail. A lot of our clients like to print this overview and share it with their team and colleagues. Navigate between the weeks with one click, there is always the “Today” button that will bring you back to the current week.

To see how your content covers the month, the monthly overview will help you. Just click on a specific day and you will go directly to the relevant weekly overview.

What else is there to make social media management as easy as possible?

  1. We added hotkeys and mouseovers so working with our platform is faster and needs less clicks to get things done.
  2. Draft messages will be shown in the content calendar. This will give you a complete overview of all messages in stage and planned. New user rights (users can be limited to only save messages as a draft) help you and your team working more efficient.
  3. To start a new message just click on the date you would like to schedule your message, choose the right project and off you go.

The content calendar has a nice feature: use your own colors for your projects. This way your overview will show you instant which message will be published, when it will be published and in which project.

What’s next?

Next week we will show details of our new streams and how we improved that part of our interface.

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