All you need to publish your messages

You are about to create a new message. Depending on the different channels you have connected to MI, you are able to publish to more than one channel at the same time. You are also able to customize the text for each channel. Would you like to add a picture or video? No problem, you can simply upload your media at the same time.



A project is a powerful container where you can collect all data concerning your online interactions, structured in any way you like. Publishing messages to your channels can only be done from one of these projects. By doing so, you will collect all data from one project in one overview, separated from other data that has been collected and belong to other projects. Projects can be created for a broadcast, a product or even for a period of time for example.


Draft Messages

Would you like to quickly save an idea for a post or save content to review later, the drafts feature in Media Injection helps you capture your thoughts for future social publishing.

Schedule Messages

To help you manage your future content, the platform offers the possibility to schedule your posts. Plan updates, news and nice to know posts in the channels you want ahead.

Content Calendar

Each project has its own content calendar. Here you get an overview of your planned posts, displayed in a monthly table. In the overview you’ll find each post that has been published in the past, or will be published in the future.

Content Kalender2

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