Media Injection strengthens position with Social Drums

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First take-over for Media Injection

As of the 1st of May, Media Injection (MI) will take over all clients and activities of Social Drums. Social Drums, part of Yocter, is located in Utrecht and offers an all-in-one social media web care and management tool. With this take-over, Media Injection strengthens its position as market leader in social media management tools.

Social drums is focused on online innovations through Yocter

Social Drums is a part of Yocter that focuses on the development and sales of new innovative online initiatives. To let both companies flourish and offer good services to the customers, owner and founder Godfried van Loo decided to sell Social Drums to Media Injection. In the future, he will focus on new innovations of Yocter and his work at EEN Media. Van Loo will act as an advisor for Media Injection.

Just like Media Injection, Social Drums was one of the first in The Netherlands that specialised in social media management tools, of which the first version entered the market in 2010. ‘’Media Injections ambition is inspiring and I am very happy to be involved in the development of their platform through this advising position.’’ says Godfried van Loo.

Stronger position for Media Injection in the market for social media management tools

Over the past few years, both social media management tools have experienced strong developments, each with a different focus. Now that the business community is well-established in the social media landscape, the take-over is a logical next step. Achmed Awad: ‘’The knowledge and experience that we bring in with this take-over is beneficial for the ambitions of Media Injection.’’

With the take-over, the current Social Drums clients will be offered the option to completely transfer to the social media management platform of Media Injection. After the take-over, Social drums will disappear from the market. Achmed Awad, CEO of Media Injection: ‘’We don’t expect problems in this transitional phase, but of course we will assist where necessary to make sure these clients will feel at home on our platform.’’

About Social Drums

Social Drums is an all-in-one social media web care and management tool. Next to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Social Drums also connects websites, blogs, gadgets and apps. In short, a complete package to involve all employees, from help desk employees to decision makers on a strategic level and enable communication between these employees through the different channels.

About Yocter

Yocter develops surprising online innovations by creating and designing applications with state of the art technology. In several sectors, online and offline. From social media analysis software for B2B clients worldwide, to self-learning data systems or innovating weather maps for consumers. For more information:

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