The Bijenkorf doubles the number of its followers on Google+ with exclusive posts and the very first Fashion Hangout

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In 1870 the first branch of the Bijenkorf was opened. Since then the department store, with twelve branches and a highly popular webshop has become one of the strongest brands in the Netherlands. Within the extensive product range the focus is unmistakably placed on fashion. In addition the Bijenkorf ensures that every visit is an experience. Offline and online.

Fashion lovers up to date:

The internet plays an important role in the Bijenkorf’s marketing strategy. Mark Robbers, Senior New Media Specialist: “We have been active online for a long time, and also with social media. We work together on this with the social media bureau Nettribes. We saw new possibilities In Google+ to confirm and extend our reputation as a fashion destination. We also found the synergy with other Google channels and platforms interesting.”

So the Bijenkorf set up a Google+ page with its own URL: Instead of just copying over the content that is made for other social media, rich, exclusive fashion content is created. With posts and videos about StyleNews, interviews, bloggers, news, relevant links and new high-end products.

Material from the Bijenkorf’s magazine is also regularly adapted for use on Google+. For Google+ they have chosen a different approach; Bijenkorf really tries to go deeper into things. The Bijenkorf promotes the Google+ page via its website, its news letter, magazine, and other social media. Mark Robbers: “Google+ offers countless possibilities to extend our reputation as a fashion destination.”

Live contact: Fashion Hangout

Events are an important part of the strategy of the Bijenkorf. These are organised around special moments, but also around products and product launches. For instance there was once a chance to ‘meet & greet’ Jean Paul Gaultier, and there have been shop window presentations and cooking demonstrations, and an ode to the Rijksmuseum. There is something new to see or experience in one of the branches virtually every day. With the Hangouts, a unique feature of Google+, Bijenkorf has been able to create an online fashion experience. The Bijenkorf opens the fashion season with the very first Fashion Hangout, in which fashion and beauty lovers can question designers and fashion bloggers about the latest trends. Promotion takes place via the website, the newsletter, the Bijenkorf Magazine, Facebook and Twitter posts, Facebook advertisements, personal invitations and posts on Google+. And that is succesful. The Hangout is followed by a lot of fashion lovers via the Google+ page and YouTube.

Bijenkorf received a lot of enthousiastic reactions: “I really enjoyed taking part and learned some new things from the experience. This was the first time I have felt that within a Hangout. I would like to thank you for allowing me to take part and I am ready and willing to join in with other Hangouts or new ideas! I had great fun, and looking back I still think it was great! There should be more of these sorts of things; you learn a lot and it is really inspiring. I also find the tips really handy.”

Not a single +1 is missed

The Bijenkorf keeps abreast of all its social media activities via a social media dashboard which was created by Media Injection. By integrating Google+ within this, posts and comments can be added from one central point.

About the Bijenkorf

  • Trend setting department store
  • Has now been a strong brand name in the Netherlands for 140 years
  • Since 2011, part of Selfridges Group Limited
  • Brand values: Focus on customers, Inspiring, Stylish, Up-market
  • Target group: cosmopolitan world citizens and city dwellers aged between 25 and 45
  • Interests: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel

 Some results

  • • 100% growth in followers on Google+
  • • 15% increase in CTR
  • • 9% reduction in CPC
  • • Contact with fashion lovers

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