December 2013 - Media Injection

Best metrics for measuring user engagement

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Achmed Awad, our CEO and business architect, knows a lot about social media and it’s techniques. Time to share his thoughts about the best metrics for measuring user engagement. It started with raw metrics then went to interpreted metrics. Now it is time for predictive metrics. This his how Achmed puts it. Read More

Conversation dashboard: Meet our splash screen

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Dare to share

Organisations are starting to realise that their social media actions, for instance campaigns and web care services, are no longer to be kept hidden within just a social media team or department. The performances and obtained results, whether it be positive or negative, have to be shared with colleagues and other stakeholders. By providing transparency and insights into the corporates  own performance, it can create involvement and let people now what’s really going on within the social media landscape.

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Social Brainiacs 28 November, 2013

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Once every 3 months we organise an inspirational session for our customers. This is Social Brainiacs: Gaining and exchanging knowledge in a small setting at an authentic spot on a current topic. On Thursday, 28 November, 2013 we were at Pllek ( , check out the report below. Read More