March 2014 - Media Injection

Media Injection strengthens position with Social Drums

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First take-over for Media Injection

As of the 1st of May, Media Injection (MI) will take over all clients and activities of Social Drums. Social Drums, part of Yocter, is located in Utrecht and offers an all-in-one social media web care and management tool. With this take-over, Media Injection strengthens its position as market leader in social media management tools. Read More

WebCare Company chooses Media Injection

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WebCare Company chooses Media Injection

Amsterdam, 20 March 2014 – WebCare Company (WCC) and Media Injection (MI) unite and formalise their partnership in 2014. Over the past few years, both parties grew out to be renowned players on the social media market, nationally and internationally. Now WCC and MI will combine their strengths in order to provide their clients with even better service. Read More

Media Injection launches unique prediction widget

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Media Injection launches unique prediction widget

Amsterdam, 5 March 2014 – Media Injection introduces a new method for analysis. This ‘prediction widget’, part of the social media metrics & management platform of the software producer, is able to predict how new posts will act in the future based on past results: who will they be reaching, when they will be peaking and possibly when they will be revived. In short, this widget maps both the success rates and life cycles of the messages. With this information companies can further improve their social media marketing strategy.

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