April 2014 - Media Injection

Bugaboo: sincere engagement with cotton candy and popcorn

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Bugaboo is sometimes seen as the Rolls Royce among strollers. This Dutch company has grown to be a world-wide player, with its supporting role in Sex and the City as its breakthrough on the international market. Bugaboo has not just grown in street presence: on social media, the company has matured as well. How did Bugaboo do this? In an interview, Martijn Ros, digital marketing manager, Lokke van der Wal, digital marketeer at Bugaboo, and I have analysed the brand’s social media strategy and its results. Read on to find out what paid media did for Bugaboo, and how Bugaboo sees its online future. Read More

Youngsters on social media: Images are hot, text is not

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Over a month ago, Marketingfacts (a Dutch marketing blog) published a research on the social media use of youngsters. The results of this research show that Facebook and Youtube are the main players on the area of social media among youngsters. Twitter is losing popularity and Instagram and SnapChat are growing quickly. Moments later, a discussion flared up on Twitter about the visual platforms and youngsters not using Twitter anymore. I, being a youngster, could draw conclusions very quickly, but these weren’t made clear in the article and the discussions on Twitter. I engaged in conversations with the youngsters and found some interesting answers. Read More