February 2015 - Media Injection

Gratitude, a hidden treasure in social media?

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Since Social Media is here to stay a lot of companies are asking their selves: what is the added value of Social Media?

At Media Injection we are always looking for new valuable insights that can help our customers gain insights to improve their business. We already provide insights like sentiment, share of voice and we launched a formula to calculate the Media Value for Social Media.

At this moment we notice that the market is putting more and more resources on engaging with their fans and followers on social media. Customers are complaining and asking questions through social media more and more and people even check if a company is active on Social Media before they buy a product. But what is the added value of answering these questions? Is this a one-time investment or is it possible to create a longstanding relation with a person who had a complaint or a question and actually increase the amount of conversions coming from this person?

Together with Patrik Nowak (Faculty of Economics and Business , Groningen University) we came up with the idea to do a research on the value of a “thank you” (Gratitude) in social media. Patrik wrote his thesis on this subject and worked together with some of our clients, who provided the data to conduct the research. In this article we present you the results of this research. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions. Read More