How Media Injection fights cancer

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How Media Injection fights cancer

‘Quitting is not an option’. In June, the popular Alpe d’HuZes charity event took place in France, in which participants raise as much funds as possible to contribute to the fight against cancer. Whether it be running, walking or cycling up the French Alpe D’Huez, quitting is not an option. People are raising money by doing something challenging – what’s more challenging than going up a mountain? The aim is go beyond your limits, to turn the frustration caused by cancer into strength.

We are inspired by this unconditional enthusiasm and are a proud sponsor of this foundation. Our Customer Success Manager, Robin, travelled all the way to France to experience the event first hand and support the foundation’s social media team as the team leader. What were Robin’s experiences, how could Media Injection helps the foundation and what are her learnings?

Read all about it in the interview we did with Robin.

How did you end up supporting the foundation with Media Injection?

I knew about the foundation since my graduation. I heard people keep on going back, which made me curious and eager to find out why. My grandmother suffered from lung cancer and sadly passed away. This is why I was also personally driven to make a change and support this foundation with my Media Injection knowledge.

How could Media Injection support the foundation at the actual event?

Being the team leader of six people, I could help them by guiding them through the week. Thanks to Media Injection we were able to manage the 12,000 messages that were coming in on social media during the actual event. The platform allows us to get an overview of what is happening, who is tweeting what, to be able to engage and reply to people and basically monitor and track all the messages directed to us. In the past, the foundation was challenged when rumours would turn a small accident into a big one and were posted and shared on social media – now, using Media Injection, we would monitor and react to those rumours via quick and full searches.

What challenges did you face?

I was worried that Media Injection might not work as efficient as I am used to because of unexpected circumstances. What if the wifi connection on top of the mountain wouldn’t be strong enough? But luckily, everything turned out to work smoothly.

How did the social media team of the foundation experience Media Injection?

I have to admit that most team members were a bit scared of the platform, not knowing what to expect and how to work with it. But as soon as they saw how easy it is to use, all the fear disappeared and they actually saw directly the added value and enjoyed working with it. Finally, they got an overview of all their channels, got rid of their ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) and learned more about posting and creating posts.

Would you recommend Media Injection to other foundations?

Definitely. There is so much going on on social media and the channels, Media Injection finally gives you some sort of control and overview. Especially for press, it might be interesting to see what other people say about you, what people talk about and can help you to avoid bad publicity. You can also benefit from the statistics but what I would recommend the most is the possibility to divide people into groups. If you have a big business with several people within your social media team, you can create user groups with different restrictions. That’s super useful if you want to have to have a bit more control over what is happening.

Did this make you curious and do you also want to benefit from our platform? Feel free to contact us and we help you set up Media Injection for your individual business.