Introducing Media Injection’s Latest Feature Updates

Posted by | June 28, 2018 | News | No Comments

It’s time yet again for another round of updates and upgrades to our system! As the team at Media Injection strives to continue improving its quality of service, they have worked tirelessly in order to offer you the best social media management platform out there. Let’s run through some of the latest changes that we have just implemented onto our platform.

Mentioning Instagram Users

We have added the ability to mention Instagram users through our platform. You can then also save users that you mention on a frequent basis, by adding their usernames to the Mentions Library, which is integrated into our platform. Usernames can be added and edited as well for future use. These changes will make mentioning users on Instagram through the Media Injection platform a lot easier for our customers, increasing the workflow’s efficiency. Find out more about this update here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Another awesome upgrade that helps smoothen the workflow is allowing keyboard shortcuts to become more accessible than they were before. There are many keyboard shortcut combinations that begin with ‘ALT’ which can simplify your work on the platform. The new update will add a cheat sheet which can be displayed once users click on ‘ALT’. After pressing ‘ALT’; you will be presented with a range of shortcut options in the form of a pop up on your screen. This will work in the same way on all browsers except Opera, where users have to press ‘ALT’ and ‘SHIFT’ in order to make the pop up appear.

Refreshing Tokens & Security

In order to guarantee your security and comply with the new GDPR regulations, we will be asking you to re-authorise the app once every 90 days. This is done in accordance with Facebook’s new set of policies. What this means for you is that you will be asked to fill in your username and password every 90 days.

Let’s French It Up

Bonjour! In addition to English, German, Dutch and Spanish, we have now added French to the Media Injection system!

Improved Backend

Most of the work and effort that went into this update was dedicated to improving the system’s backend. We have updated the server and improved the backend which has resulted in a faster backend performance, with its speed increasing by as much as 30%.

We hope these updates and additions will help in increasing the efficiency of your workflow, as we continuously look for ways in order to optimise your experience on the platform. As ever, we encourage you to contact us on if you have any further questions or queries about the latest changes or any other issues you may have.