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Heinz is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer food products in the world within the ‘Fast Moving Consumer Goods’ (FMCG), with millions of  social media fans world wide. Heinz’s online fan community is spread over a variety of channels. The tens of sub-brands of Heinz, such as Heinz Ketchup, are active in various countries with their own accounts.

Heinz has been making use of Media Injection for nearly two years now, with great results:
–     The Heinz Benelux community has grown by 167% to 55,868 fans.
–     The total marketing value of  all the social media interaction by Heinz Benelux on social media is €97,397
–     Our Engagement has grown by 835%
–     We have 5.8 million unique views on Facebook”

The challenge for Heinz

The big challenge facing Heinz is that consumers are active on Facebook,  Twitter,  YouTube,  Instagram and Google+ and forums all over the world, 24/7 and 365 days of the year, along with millions of people. Managing this is extremely complex. It is important for Heinz to give personal attention to each consumer.

Time for a central solution

Joris Veger explains what the first steps were in order to manage the enormous growth in digital channels better: “In the first instance an approach was used involving keeping abreast of each social network separately. So monitoring, publication, conversations, KPI tracking, listening, searching and reporting were each carried out separately for each channel. This was labour intensive and difficult to benchmark between channels, countries, brands and KPI’s.”  Heinz wanted to improve on this. In order to make full use of the potential offered by social media, structure, organisation and attention for the brand fans were essential. “The most important thing for FMCG businesses like Heinz is that we achieve growth in our brands by thinking from the point of view of the consumer: the consumer is central to our approach. To put it simply, brands  have to be present wherever the consumer is. And that is possible with social media. By placing the consumer at the heart of all our communication we want to create added value, and so eventually to do business with him. Because ultimately that is what it is all about.”

Social media and CRM linked

This animated film from Heinz about Media Injection on YouTube shows how Heinz works with the Media Injection platform. “We chose a  social media management platform that you can easily control from one dashboard. Now we can publish content whenever and wherever we want. We can monitor and listen to what our fans are saying on a variety of social networks. We can easily convert these details into reports so that we can compare content, trends and performance between campaigns, social networks, brands and countries. In addition Media Injection offers us a smart CRM-system, which gives direct insight into who our most important fans are. The work flow system helps  internally and externally to manage all the conversations with our fans.”

The integration into a central solution has been very fruitful  for Heinz. “Our social media is now organised, structured and professional. We can work in a way that is much more focused on results. This has lead to a clear improvement in the publication of content. We now know significantly better when our fans listen and engage. In addition we can accurately measure which content works well, and which does not. ”

The challenge for Heinz in the coming years is to enrich the social CRM within Media Injection, in order to actually stimulate social business. For this it will be important to achieve segmentation of content for diverse fan groups.”

You can find the presentation by Joris Veger at the 1st Facebook Conference on 9 October 2013 in Amsterdam, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezu_kYxc3e8

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